My good friend Mick Stott, guitarist of the legendary late '60s - early '70s Manchester band Stack Waddy, John Peel favourites, has died of a heart attack last night.

Stack Waddy were a heavy, hard-working band that Peel said were "punk before punk existed".

I was with Mick about two weeks ago, as he wanted to record some new guitar takes. He had not been well for a few years but had pulled through from operations for cancer, pretty much housebound the last few months, he was still a cheery soul, recounting tales of Stack Waddy gigs. He is survived by his son Ric.

Rest in peace, Mick, or, alternatively, give 'em some of that great Stack Waddy guitar, wherever you are.

Chris Hewitt

Stack Waddy Discography

Stack Waddy - Stack Waddy
Dandelion Records ‎ DAN 8003, 1971

1. Road Runner
2. Bring It To Jerome
3. Mothballs
4. Sure 'Nuff 'N' Yes I Do
5. Love Story
6. Susie Q
7. Country Line Special
8. Rolling Stone
9. Mystic Eyes
10. Kentucky

Stack Waddy - Bugger Off!
Polydor ‎ 2310 231, 1972

1. Rosalyn 2:31
2. Willie The Pimp 4:03
3. I'm Your Hoochie-Coochie Man 4:19
4. It's All Over Now 3:13
5. Several Yards 5:58
6. You Really Got Me 2:43
7. I'm A Lover Not A Fighter 2:05
8. Meat Pies'ave Come But Band's Not 'Ere Yet 5:19
9. It Ain't Easy 3:50
10. Long Tall Shorty (Mainly) 3:26
11. Repossession Boogie 5:32
12. The Girl From Ipanema 1:27
13. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 3:42

Stack Waddy - The Lost Dandelion Jams
Dandelion Records ‎ DAN LP 8012, 2012

1. What's The Guinness Like, Gary Moore Asked Me
2. Put A Top On That
3. I Dried My Sticks On A Washing Line
4. Missing Jaguar From Timperley
5. Graham Gouldman Asked, 'What's Them Chords?'
6. He Broke A Chair To Make Drumsticks
7. US Army Deserter
8. No! We Won't Mix That, Said John Peel
9. I Got Ozzy By The Throat
10. Phone Call At Salford's Black Lion Pub
11. Selwood Ran Off And Hid From Us
12. Mike Sweeney Was Never In Stack Waddy
13. Collyhurst Or Timperley